Tyler Lewis’ Transfer May Be a Blessing in Disguise

The collective face of Wolfpack Nation fell earlier this week when Tyler Lewis announced he was transferring from NC State. Lewis was arguably the Wolfpack’s second-best player down the stretch and he was instrumental in making State’s best player ACC Player of the Year.  Lewis’ transfer is going to hurt; there is no doubt about that. State fans shouldn’t worry too much though, because the team will be better off because of it.

Tyler Lewis



Thanks for the Tournament, Tyler

I don’t mean to belittle Lewis’ massive contributions down the stretch, because NC State would not have made the tournament without him. Consider the first 19 games of the season, Tyler Lewis averaged 17.4 minutes a game, a number skewed by his massive minutes in the first four games of the season. During those games TJ Warren averaged 22.1 points. When Mark Gottfried inserted Lewis back in the starting lineup, Lewis played 24.1 minutes a game and TJ’s scoring average jumped to 28.2. Anyone who watched the Wolfpack could see why. Lewis was magic passing the basketball, and he could always find Warren amidst the constant double-teams. But Warren will likely be wearing an NBA uniform next season, and that is why Lewis’ transfer won’t hurt as much as fans may think.

Don’t Cry For Me, Wolfpack Nation

Lewis excelled at star support. He got Warren the ball where and when he needed it. He struggled in many other areas. His defense was mediocre at best, and while he had solid point totals now and again, his shot was largely inconsistent. He’s a very smart player, so wherever he goes, he will improve and be a very valuable and dangerous asset. NC State doesn’t need him though. It’s Cat Barber’s turn to shine now.

Welcome to the Cat Barber Show

I don’t know how many of you have looked at NC State’s roster next year, but barring any further transfers, it’s going to be very deep. NC State already had a 9 man rotation this year. They are losing three of those players: Lewis, Warren and Jordan Vandenberg.  They are gaining 3 strong freshmen and Alabama transfer Trevor Lacey. Add that to Barber, Dez Lee, Ralston Turner and the potential juggernaut that is the trio of Kyle Washington, Beejay “Big Fluffy” Anya and Lennard Freeman, and with Coach Gottfried’s proven player development skills, State could have an extremely dangerous 10 man rotation even without Lewis.

State will need people to step up and take more shots now that Warren is gone. Tyler Lewis was not going to be that guy. Cat Barber can be. Not only is Barber a better defender, but he is much more dynamic on the offensive end. If his shot improves only slightly, he will create many more open looks for the likes of Turner, Lacey and Washington. Plus Lacey is more than capable of running the point when Barber needs a break.

Main Point: State Will Benefit From the Tyler Lewis Transfer

The Pack could not keep both Barber and Lewis. They are both excellent point guards and deserve the opportunity to be a full-time floor general. That said, Barber is the better talent, and he’ll be a better fit for the Warren-less Wolfpack. So don’t cry over Tyler Lewis, State fans. Wish him well, thank him for a good year and move on. Coach Gottfried will still be putting a very dangerous team on the floor next year.  

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The (Musical) Voices In My Head

Welcome to the first of the weekly blog posts. I’ve been in a musical mood all week, so that will probably dominate most of this post. For the first 20 some-odd years of my life, I never paid too much attention. Sure I have always liked music, but it has only been recently that I have truly appreciated the various genres and forms of creation and art that music supplies. Putting this out there up front, I am a 90’s music fanatic. There are few things as fun in an empty house as cranking up some Third Eye Blind and belting out “Semi-charmed Kind of Life” at the top of my lungs. Is 90’s music the best? No. Is it my favorite? Most definitely.


I think it’s because I’m a very nostalgic person that I truly appreciate the songs of my childhood. I’ve even started to love groups that I didn’t care for back then. The biggest and best example of that is Outkast. (Yes I am so stoked they are touring this year.) I have always known their music, but when I was younger, my ears were just dumb I guess and didn’t appreciate the talent and creativity of Andre 3000. If you listen to the music or watch an Outkast music video, it’s clear to see that both Andre and Big Boi just love what they do. Watch “The Whole World” music video or “Roses” and you can see that plain as day. Plus it’s the sort of music that gets stuck in your head, and people look at you weird because you’re dancing in the hallway to music that is entirely in your brain. Great days indeed.

I’ve also gotten into the music festival scene lately. I didn’t go to my first one until this past fall, when I traveled to Asheville, NC for Mountain Oasis. (Great show, Deltron 3030 put on an AMAZING set with a live band, and I had never heard them before, so that was awesome.) This year there are several great lineups, and thankfully Outkast is heading most of them. I know Bonaroo and several others haven’t announced their line-ups yet, but many have, and if anyone out there loves 90’s music as much as I do, Firefly in Delaware seems to be the place to go. Outkast is, of course, headlining, but they also have Foo Fighters, Third Eye Blind, Jack Johnson, and Weezer. In addition, they have many great non-90’s acts, like Childish Gambino, Ziggy Marley and Chance the Rapper. Suffice it to say, that’s going to be a sick show, provided you don’t mind that it will be a little earlier than most festivals, since Dover has an 11pm noise ordinance. But that’s my musical post for today, and now if you’ll excuse me I’m being told to Jump Around. Peace

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Should you rather discuss things in e-mail form….

Sometimes you don’t want to share your opinions with the world. I get that. Should you ever want to have a discussion with me, just between us, please feel free to email me at fogger794_at_gmail_.com. Yes you have to type it out, those computer spammers are vicious nowadays. Looking forward to hearing from you

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Welcome to the new and revamped Fogg Blog

Friends and random visitors from Europe,

It has been a while. I will admit the past two years, I have had other things which I considered more pressing, but after two years I still haven’t beaten Skyrim yet, so it’s time to move on.

Actually while the last blog was mainly written for humorous intent, I am striving to make this blog a little more serious. I will always make jokes, that is just the person I am, but I have always had a lot of opinions on significant issues which I like to share. Ideally I would like this blog to double, not just as a forum for my own opinions, but a way to welcome the opinions of others and hopefully inspire some intellectual debate. Few things advance this country forward better than a good, respectful argument over significant issues. People will never be in universal agreement, but the real power lies in debate and ultimately compromise with the opposing viewpoints working together for the benefit of all.

The topics will vary. I personally love and encourage a wide variety of topics from sports to politics, religion to cinemas, potential alien invasions to the zombie apocalypse. There can be blogs or lists. All of which, I would hope would inspire some sort of emotion in the reader and ideally persuade some to respond with opinions of their own.

I welcome all comments that are respectful of others and their opinions. Calling others idiots for the views that they hold is not productive, even if we believe it is the case. Remember kindergarten. Treat others as you would like to be treated. And now with that all out of the way, we shall move on to future, hopefully more interesting posts. To all of you, once again, welcome to the revamped Blog of Fogg

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